Why is ‘Pathfinder’ so unique?

Over the last decade development of highly efficient solid state lighting technology has been lifted to new heights by the ever increasing drive to lower global energy consumption. Constant improvements in efficacy and luminaire form have seen the technology dominate almost all sectors of the lighting market from retail to street lights. While on the surface it appears to be a clean sweep there is a sector of the market where significant challenges have been encountered namely high mast, high power. This type of installation is commonly employed in wide area illumination such as airports, ports, container yards, and sporting facilities as well as other more specialised applications such as prisons, military bases, security borders, and space vehicle launch platforms.

On the surface, retrofit and new build, employing LED technology appears straight forward however, unlike high powered Metal Halide fittings that have maintained a fairly uniform size, weight, and sail area over the years, the new high powered LED offerings are considerably bigger and heavier with a correspondingly significant increase in sail area. This fact is due entirely to the LED architecture employed, namely SMD, which requires large flat heat sinks to ensure correct operation of the luminaire. This in itself is not a major issue until the unit is mounted atop a mast 30 to 80 metres above ground level. In this scenario many other engineering factors come into play and one cannot just simply replace existing MH luminaires with LED without a complete re-analysis of the structure and possible upgrade to maintain original design integrity. This process can be very expensive and is largely responsible for delaying the upgrade and new build employing LED in this application.

Enter Pathfinder

‘Pathfinder’s’ designers identified this limitation early on in the development of LED luminaires and, utilising the latest aviation design techniques and manufacturing practises along with the most advanced developments in’ Chip On Board’ technology, crafted a true one for one, penalty free, replacement for outdated metal halide fixtures. ‘Pathfinder’s’ heat sink developed over 5 years and awarded multiple patents in Australasia, Europe, and the USA coupled with the worlds most advanced COB, developed by Citizen Electronics of Japan deliver equivalent light output at equivalent weight with less sail area than the MH luminaires that it supersedes.