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The ST Series high powered floodlight has been designed for ‘High Mast’ applications often found at sporting venues, airports, docks, handling yards, and a myriad of other heavy industrial applications. Specifically designed, light weight low drag, luminaire architecture facilitates direct replacement of outdated metal halides, mast mounted from 12 to 70 metres, without the need to reassess or update supporting infrastructure engineering consequentially delivering significant customer savings in LED upgrade projects.


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Whether retrofit or new build project the ‘Pathfinder’ solution for high powered high mast applications is currently the simplest most cost effective choice available. Its superior advantage stems from its COB and heat sink architecture delivering best performance for weight and sail area in its class.

As evident from the true scale line diagram, depicting leading current industry standard metal halide replacements in the 1200 Watt LED class alongside a typical 2000 watt metal halide, the ‘Pathfinder’ PST 1200 is a clear standout.

At 16.0kg, less than 0.07m2 sail area, and more than 160,000 lumen output the PST1200 delivers more lumens per unit weight or sail area than any other fixture in its class. The leading industry offerings depicted, with an average weight of 30.0kg and sail area of 0.45m2, simply don’t come close.

These very distinctive advantages set the ‘Pathfinder’ apart from the crowd and translate into some very real benefits for the customer.

Primarily, as  ‘Pathfinder’ is in the same weight class as legacy Metal Halides with a significantly lower windage rating, retrofit is as simple as removing the old and installing the new. Providing the original infrastructure was initially designed to proper specifications it will not be compromised. Additionally, the comparable form of Pathfinder to legacy units, has enabled some customers to perform LED upgrade systematically as the incumbent units either fail or require re-lamping, without altering the aesthetic status quo. This feature, unique to ‘Pathfinder’, facilitates the use of funds from maintenance budgets to implement long term modernisation programs.

Significant benefits are also gained in the new build arena with savings achieved from simpler more cost effective supporting infrastructure as well as an ability to be employed in systems that employ break-back poles or travelling Headframes.

‘Pathfinder’ also features the ability to be co-mounted with its driver assembly. The self contained, compact, and light weight IP67 driver module facilitates the replacement of existing metal halides where corresponding ballast units are mounted alongside the fixture or in close proximity on the head frame.

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