SQ Series

The SQ series floodlight design is specifically aimed at open area facilities in an urban environment where light pollution is a critical factor. Recreational areas in public open spaces, tennis courts, car parks, and other residentially surrounded facilities benefit greatly from the PSQ’s zero cut-off optics, delivering light only to the intended target. Designed to be mounted from 6 to 25 metres the light weight and modular qualities of this lighting system deliver exceptional customer  benefit and saving in even the most demanding residential LED retrofit program.

SQ Floodlight
Typical LED Flood






The Pathfinder SQ series was conceived as a direct response to industry feedback and has been crafted to provide lighting designers with a simple and cost effective solution to meet lighting design goals for difficult or restrictive projects.

With greatly improved efficiency and longevity, many benefits are realised when existing, older technologies are retrofitted with LED. Notwithstanding the significant economical returns delivered with low power consumption and reduced maintenance burden, the advent of solid state lighting delivers another distinctive advantage namely more accurate and precise light control. This advantage has allowed authorities to draft stricter controls and standards when it comes to spill light pollution confident in the knowledge industry now has the means to comply with such standards.

Pathfinder SQ combines simplicity with sophistication. A simple solution delivering sophisticated results allowing designers the ability to exert greater control over the emitted light.

Utilising a totally modular approach employing individually controllable azimuth and elevation parameters, coupled with precise asymmetric beam shapes, the designer has the ability to create pole top arrays that accurately deliver light with minimal glare and greater uniformity to the intended target whilst maintaining spill light to previously unachievable levels. From a single module to a complex multi-level array Pathfinder SQ has the ability to meet the demands of even the most restrictive lighting projects.


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