HT Series

HT HiBay series luminaires are highly specialised and specifically designed for heavy industry operating in extreme environments. Inspired by conditions encountered in harsh Australian outback mining installations, our engineers created a luminaire that can stand the test of time. Currently serving in multiple locations where ambient temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius and above with high ore dust concentrations, PHT not only survives but delivers continuous operational reliability in an environment where down time is unacceptable.

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The Pathfinder HT Hibay luminaire series has been specifically designed for installations where extraordinary environmental conditions are present. Reliability and longevity are directly impacted by design configuration and ambient conditions that adversely affect overall fixture thermal cooling performance therefor, it is essential that the conformation of the specific luminaire be tailored to the intended application thereby ensuring published lifetime and lumen values are realised. With this condition as the prime directive, our engineers utilised the latest developments in CAD and CFD software, coupled with an exhaustive testing program, to produce a luminaire design that delivers maximum performance, flexibility, and dependability.

Simulation and testing revealed that hot dusty climates posed the greatest threat to long term reliability, particularly in the case of close co-mounted heat sinks and drivers with large horizontal areas. This particular configuration, common in most HiBay designs, suffered from high particle accumulation rates with subsequent thermal blanketing severely limiting the cooling performance. Unless regular cleaning maintenance is performed, in these cases, premature failure or severely degraded performance is a common outcome. With this in mind design emphasis focussed strongly on thermal independence of driver and heat sink with the lowest possible surface area presenting normally to the vertical. The end result of our diligent iterative design effort was a lightweight thermally advanced heat sink packaged into a compact and powerful luminaire that is capable of continued performance in locations where atmospheric contamination and temperature extremes prevail.



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